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  • Developer: Hungry Sky
  • Official Website:
  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Game Engine: Unity


It’s nap time!

Nekograms is an adorable puzzle game about helping cats fall asleep by sliding them onto cushions. It’s nap time at the cat cafe, and it’s your job to help these kitties get comfortable! Cats only move left and right, cushions only move up and down, and someone has left obstacles lying around…

The name Nekograms comes from a play on the words “neko” (the Japanese word for cat), and “nonograms” (which the game’s design is based on).


Nekograms features original gameplay with over 100 fun and challenging levels. Players can collect different cat breeds and adorable accessories to customise their kitty collection. The game also features an Endless Mode, which randomly generates levels for those wanting even more of a challenge.

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Digital illustration of two fluffy cats wearing christmas hats and scarfs, sitting together under mistletoe. The background features little paw prints, and a banner reads "Purry Catmas from Nekograms".

About Hungry Sky

Hungry Sky is a multi-award-winning interactive studio based in Perth, Western Australia. Nekograms is our first original mobile game, and is finally set for itslong awaited release in 2020.

Nekograms was originally produced during an internal game jam at Hungry Sky, for the Perth Games Festival in 2015.
The game started as a novel puzzle mechanic developed by Nick Lowe, but became Nekograms with the addition of Lauren Fletcher’s adorable illustrations and Ben Hammersley’s charming music.


  • Developers: Hungry Sky
  • Programmers: Nick Lowe, Minh Tran, James Strauss
  • Artists: Lauren Fletcher, Laura Lorian
  • Composers: Ben Hammersley
  • Social Media Managers: Lauren Fletcher